August is Art Appreciation Month

Art is more than just a way to add beauty to your home — it is also a form of expression, a statement, a way to say things that cannot be spoken. August is Art Appreciation Month, with special recognition to American artists. Whether your favorite American artist is Normal Rockwell or Andy Warhol, this month is a great time to learn more about their lives and their artistic works. To celebrate Art Appreciation Month, you could visit your local galleries and museums and find ways to support your local artists through buying and appreciating their pieces of art.

Another way to celebrate the month is to discover your inner artist. Take an art class with a friend, do a craft project with your child or simply try something you’ve always wanted to try. From painting to sculpture, art is a rewarding way to express your creative side. You can include children in Art Appreciation Month by taking them to visit galleries and museums, buying them art supplies, teaching them about artists or encouraging them to enroll in a community art class. Some American artists to look into are Jackson Pollock, Gilbert Stuart, Georgia O’Keefe, Irina Rozeal Brown and Keith Haring.

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