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Ebola Case Confirmed in the U.S.

The Center for Disease Control has confirmed a case of Ebola in the United States. The patient with the confirmed case is currently is “strict isolation” in a Dallas hospital. The patient was admitted to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas based on presenting symptoms and recent travel history. The director of Dallas County Health

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Tips To Keep From Getting Sick

Getting sick can put your life on hold and keep you from working and doing the things you enjoy. To keep from catching whichever latest bug happens to be going around, there are some steps you can take to help keep you healthy. First, vaccines can help keep you healthy. Consider getting a flu vaccine,

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The Trick to Being Happier

How you think affects how you feel. This is a proven fact. How you answer the age old question, “Is your glass half empty or half full?” can help decipher whether you think more in a more positive or negative way. When somebody cuts you off in traffic, what are your emotions? Is it something

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Pasadena Antique Center & Annex

The Pasadena Antique Center & Annex is located at 444 & 480 South Fair Oaks and is open daily from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Convenient, free parking is available and you can also choose to have your items packed and shipped for you! The antique center is one of the oldest antique malls around

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