Foods That Could Be Triggering Your Migraines

Dramatic  blue toned portrait of a woman suffering a headache or If you suffer from migraines, you know it can be difficult to pinpoint your triggers. However, there are a few common migraine trigger foods you may not have considered before.

Pickles or anything that has been pickled can potentially trigger migraines.

Hot peppers
The capsaicin in hot peppers and other spicy foods has been known to trigger migraines for some people.

Processed Meats
The combination of tyramine, preservatives and nitrates in processed meat can be a trigger for migraines.

Beer, red wine, sherry and vermouth contain tyramine, which can cause migraines. However, the dehydration drinking leads to can also cause migraines.

Common additives such as MSG, yeast extract, HVP, and HPP have been known to increase the chances for a migraine.

Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial Sweeteners such as aspartame can be a cause of migraines for some.

Yeast, a common ingredient in breads, has also been known to trigger migraines in some.

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