Protect Against Mosquito Bites

mosquito photo

Fun fact: only female mosquitoes bite and only to provide the nutrients for making eggs. So that bite is just momma taking care of the babies.

Mosquitoes are out in high numbers again. The pesky insects range from minor annoyances to deadly plague-spreaders depending on the situation and species (yes, there are different species of mosquitoes). But the ways to deal with them are more or less universal. Here are some tips to keep the number of mosquitoes down.

1) Eliminate the source. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Mosquitoes breed in shallow standing water. After a rain puddles of water hang around for days, serving as a breeding ground for thousands of mosquitoes. Don’t leave standing water hang around. Even in water trapped in tarps laying around or in buckets just on the porch, mosquitoes can breed.

2) Wear repellent. Most repellents come with a label advertising the percentage of DEET that they contain. 30%-50% are recommended for most people. Higher levels will be more effective but can cause skin irritation in some people. Lower levers will need to be reapplied constantly.

3) Stay cool. Mosquitoes are heat seeking insects. They target you based on the heat you exude. To avoid detection, wear lighter colored clothes that reflect more light.

4) Shower often. Not only will a shower keep you cooler, it also removes sweat, which mosquitoes also target.

These tips won’t stop mosquitoes completely, but they will help to decrease the risk of mosquito bites. And that’s something that we all could use.

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